The “Green Unit” supports its operation in a multiscientific team and consists of:

Permanent staff:

Geotechnical Sciences, Forester, DE Administrative / Accounting, DE technicians (Tractor Operator), DE Technicians (Greenhouse Conservator), DE Technicians, TE Nurses, DE Technicians (Driver)

Scientific – part time staff:

PE Psychologists, PE Dietitians, PE Trainers, TE Visitors of Health, TE Occupational Therapists,

Supervised persons:

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students AEI & TEI, Students of Post-Secondary Education, Students of Secondary Technical Education, Students of Organisation of Employment of Laboratory Dynamic

“Patients” in the reintegration phase:

People with mental disorders who have been hospitalized in the past and are living with their families or in psychiatric rehabilitation units totaling thirty-three (33).