Object of Activities

The purpose of the activities of the “Green Unit” is to manage, protect and develop the natural environment and to serve it. Furthermore, it has developed areas of actions that can contribute to and benefit the patients who are in the process of reintegration, drug users-dependent and more generally mental patients through the projection of their work.

The groups that it has developed in the respective sectors that it operates are:

i) Strategic Planning and Secretarial Support Team: consists of permanent and scientific – part – time staff and is responsible for the planning, programming, designing, coordinating and supporting all its activities as well as for taking measures to ensure its proper functioning resolve in case of any crisis.

(ii) Environmental Protection and Development Groups of the Hospital’s External Environment, its structures and partners: street cleaning of the Hospital, deforestation, pruning, cleaning and care of the surrounding area, creation and exploitation of green spaces.

iii) Product groups: olive tree cultivation (Stravilos) and production of olive oil (Eleotir), Tomato Sauce (Persopolteon), Preserves (Kedalemon), Liqueur (Roya), Fylloxoma (Compost)

iv) Recycling groups: organic waste (compost) paper, plastic etc.

(v) Machinery-tool maintenance and repair team: the successful completion of the operations undertaken by “Green Unit” lies in the distribution and use of its equipment such as: lorries, agricultural tractors, small loaders, electric cars, lawn mowers, clippers, tools etc.