Purpose and Objectives

The dominant philosophy of the “Green Unit” is established in the diptych : respect for human, respect for the environment.

The purpose of the “Green Unit” function is the psychosocial rehabilitation of mental patients in the field of work.

The “Green Unit” targeting includes:

  • Learning new skills directly related to the execution of a specific project (physical environment and its care).
  • Cultivating and developing the skills they have acquired.
  • Healthy engagement and communication with other people and in socially acceptable ways.
  • Establishing and promoting their identity as workers.
  • Mobilizing and socializing them in general.
  • The independence of “patients” from the area of ​​PHT, as long as they do not need the health services that are offered to them and their familiarity with the community.
  • Promote their mental health and, by extension, control relapse.
  • Reduce hospitalization costs (early recognition of relapses = reduced hospital stay = faster return to work = rehabilitation).
  • Creating opportunities for personal and professional development, resulting in increased opportunity  for promotion in the free labor market.
  • Maintaining the natural environment.